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District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Antrim

This leaflet aims to provide guidance information to those Master Masons potentially interested in seeking to become Royal Arch Masons.

After a Brother has been registered in the Grand Lodge of Ireland as a Master Mason for twelve months he is eligible to make application to be advanced into membership of a Royal Arch Chapter.

Royal Arch Chapters are operational in most Masonic Halls. Eligible Master Masons seeking admission into Royal Arch Masonry require to be proposed, seconded and approved by a Committee of Inspection, just as in Craft Masonry. An eligible Master Mason may voice his interest in becoming a Royal Arch Mason to any other Royal Arch Mason personally known to him or, should such not be readily known, he may alternatively contact the District Grand Registrar, who would subsequently provide him with the necessary advice and guidance to enable him to proceed with his application.

Relationship of Royal Arch to other Masonic bodies
A Royal Arch Mason of one year standing may petition for membership of a Council of Knight Masons in a similar manner to that undertaken when he sought to be advanced into Royal Arch Masonry. Membership of other additional Masonic bodies within the Irish Constitution is strictly by invitation only, a prerequisite for which one must first become a Royal Arch Mason.

Structure of Royal Arch Masonry
Royal Arch Chapters normally hold four meetings, called Convocations, annually. Candidates undergo two degrees, namely advancement to the degree of Mark Master Mason followed by exaltation into the degree of Royal Arch. The presiding officer of a Royal Arch Chapter is entitled Excellent King and he presides in conjunction with two other Officers, all of whom collectively form a Council. Chapter members are entitled Companions.

Relationship of the Royal Arch to the legend of the Master Mason Degree
In the legend of the Master Mason degree the candidate is informed that due to the untimely death of a certain man the means of communicating the secret word of a Master Mason came to an end and eventually the word itself became lost. The candidate subsequently learns how a new word came to be substituted and the method of communicating that substituted secret word. In the Mark Master Mason degree the candidate makes an important discovery in connection with the plans for the building of Solomon’s temple. Later, in the Royal Arch degree, the candidate discovers the lost word. The lost word, having been found is, to a Royal Arch Mason, restored. In that sense, the Royal Arch degree may be seen as a completion to the Master Mason degree.

Further Information
One year after a Craft Mason has attained the degree of Master Mason he can apply to become a Royal Arch Mason wherewith he would find warm fellowship with Companions within a Chapter of his choice. His understanding of Craft Masonry will have been further advanced; his exaltation will have encompassed a reverential moral significance; he will have been enriched by further discoveries and his understanding of the significance of beneficence to his fellowmen will have been developed to a deeper meaning.

Should any Master Mason wish to enquire further into membership of Royal Arch Masonry in a Chapter within the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Antrim, the District Grand Registrar would be pleased to assist him.

All communications should be addressed to:
District Grand Registrar
DGRAC Antrim
Freemasons' Hall
19 Arthur Square

Email: info@dgracantrim.org