Welcome to the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Antrim website and thank you for your visit.

The website has recently been rebuilt and will be updated frequently and I do hope you will find this new site interesting and informative.

If you are a visitor, and not a Companion, I hope you find the website easy to navigate and do feel free to visit us again or do  contact us using the link provided if you require further information.

 For the Companions of the District of Antrim , this is your site and  I hope you will visit it  frequently, enjoy your visit and assist us to keep it current with a steady supply of relevant  information.

J Mac Pollock
District Grand King

Senior Officers

Deputy District Grand King R.E. Companion W. James Lynch
Assistant District Grand King R.E. Companion David G. Openshaw
District Grand Treasurer R.E. Companion Donald Minshull
District Grand Registrar R.E. Companion W. James McClurg
Assistant District Grand Treasurer V.E. Companion Brian N. Morrison
Assistant District Grand Registrar V.E. Companion Alan D. McLorie (no photo as yet)