Officers of District Grand Chapter of Antrim

M.E. Comp. Jon. McA. Pollock District Grand King 57
R. E. Comp. W. James Lynch District Deputy Grand King 574/1020
R.E. Comp. David G. Openshaw District Assistant Grand King 10/763
R. E. Comp. Aaron Linton District Grand High Priest 450
R. E. Comp. John Boyd District Grand Chief Scribe 317
R. E. Comp. Donald Minshull District Grand Treasurer 427
R. E. Comp. James H. McClurg District Grand Registrar 140
V. E. Comp. Mark Hunter D.G. Director of Ceremonies 565
V. E. Comp. Martin Lawther D.G. Director of Ceremonies 651
V. E. Comp. Alastair Thompson D.G. Director of Ceremonies 57
V. E. Comp. Rev. Stephen Sheerin District Grand Chaplain 537
V. E. Comp. Sam Eccles District Grand Chaplain  537
V. E. Comp. Brian Morrison District Assistant Grand Treasurer 485
V. E. Comp. Alan D. McLorie District Assistant Grand Registrar 317/667
V. E Comp. John Pielou District Grand Captain of the Host 763
V. E. Comp. Kenneth Warnock D.G. Superintendent of the Tabernacle 602
V. E. Comp. Jamie Wilson D.G. Royal Arch Captain 54
V. E. Comp. Robert Stirling D.G. Captain of the Scarlet Veil 89
V. E. Comp. Stephen Shimmon D.G. Captain of the Purple Veil 372
V. E. Comp. David Perry D.G. Captain of the Blue Veil 301/613
V. E. Comp. Fredrick T. Mahon District Grand Steward 276
V. E. Comp. Leonard W. McKnight District Grand Steward 598
V.E. Companion Andrew Love District Grand Steward Appt. 375
V.E. Companion Trevor Moore District Grand Steward Appt. 182
V. E. Comp. John McIlwaine District Grand Organist 1012
V. E. Comp. David W. A. Hill District Grand Organist 57
VACANT District Grand Organist
V. E. Comp. James Morrow D.G. Chapter Standard Bearer 156
V.E. Companion David Gray D.G. Chapter Sword Bearer Appt. 775
V.E. Companion James Coulter D.G. King's Standard Bearer Appt. 1008
V. E. Comp. Victor Wotton District Grand Janitor 645
V. E. Comp. Dr. J. Clifford McMillan District Grand Physician 51
V. E. Comp. J. Michael Alexander District Grand Inspector 317
V. E. Comp. Colin Kirkpatrick District Grand Inspector 439
V. E. Comp. F. Lemon District Grand Inspector 335
V. E. Comp. Russell L. Lindsay District Grand Inspector 162/615
V. E. Comp. C. David McFetridge District Grand Inspector 140
V. E. Comp. Alastair McKay District Grand Inspector 414
V. E. Comp. H. Crawford Mitchell District Grand Inspector 189
V. E. Comp. Alan Munce District Grand Inspector 313
V.E. Comp. John Nesbitt District Grand Inspector 485
V. E. Comp. Douglas Taylor District Grand Inspector 1012
V. E. Comp. Philip Wylie District Grand Inspector 45